People of Barcelona

Those four people where willing to talk to me about the independence votum and the time after all that. Each and everyone of them where convinced that the people of catalonia will tray to be independent again in the next couple of years. Up until then they’ll strike again and again and again that the […]

CCTV They are watching you

This project is about websites, wich stream CCTV footage live in the internet. Not even the darkweb as you may thought, but just in the normal day-to-day-everyday internet. The people who are the owners of the bulidings/rooms/gardens or even during their day-to-day-life out on the streets or in a shop. often don’t know that their […]

Mama & Papa

A few years back I realised, that my parents are not only my parents but lovers. They are even more than that, they are also best friends and just humans beings as all of us. When I was a child, they only were Mama and Papa to me, who are always taking care of me […]


At the 1st of October the Catalan Government held a referendum to declare the independency from Spain. The Spanish Government declared that the independency Votum is illegal, but the people still got out and voted for the independency. On October 26 the Catalan Parliament declared the independency a few hours later the Spanish Government used […]

Silent Protest Barcelona

When I was in Barcelona from the 1st November until the 5th, everything seemed normal to me during daytime. Only at night when the people finished work they came to the centre and protested against the imprisonment of their elected politicians.          


This is a personal project of myself from summer 2017. I’ve been on vacation in the beautiful City of Florence, Italy, this summer. And for sure I also did the typical touristic activities in the city but I also recognized the strange behavior of the huge tourist groups.